About Me

For nearly 20 years I served with various Intelligence Collection Management (Signal Intelligence and Electronic Warfare) units of the Canadian Forces. After early retirement in 1989, I worked as an Intelligence Analyst with EWA-Canada, then as an R&D engineer at Iwatsu Electric and NTT in Japan (1990~97), where I developed the Technogenesis Approach to integrating new technologies into standard communication systems for greater functionality and synergy for my Management of Technology Ph.D. dissertation (1996).

Since 1990 I have been an active member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and a supporter of the Association of Old Crows (AOC). Since 1998, I have been certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI) as a Project Management Professional (PMP), with ISACA as a CGEIT and CRISC, and by the International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)² as a CISSP.

In 1998, I formed NetRational YK, a Management of Technology consultancy focused on creating synergy between European and North American technology researchers and developers and a wide range of Asian companies. From 2005, I joined TÜV Rheinland Japan and Singapore; I managed TÜV’s worldwide Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation Laboratory (ISO/IEC 15408). I worked as a Senior Auditor for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) standards (the ISO/IEC 27000 series), and Security Management Systems for the Supply Chain standard (ISO/IEC 28000) across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa mostly focused on the financial and shipping/port industries.

Since 2011, I have been consulting mainly with Cyber and Information Security education efforts and leading audits while providing Cyber Intelligence Services (Open Source Intelligence – OSINT) internationally to a wide variety of clients.

I have been preaching the value of OpenBSD as the best and most secure OS for servers with OpenSSH and Ubuntu as a good alternative to Microsoft Windows for personal computing (note: nothing wrong with Windows 10). Also, I support open source projects and applications to improve network and computer security and overall productivity on servers and all computing devices.

I prefer open-source software and recommend them whenever I can. For example, those who want to reduce their desktop’s vulnerability to viruses and malware infections, costing businesses worldwide billions of dollars each year, try OpenBSD as a desktop. Thanks to the GNOME desktop, a free and open-source desktop environment for OpenBSD, it provides an even more significant boost to your productivity and peace of mind. For personal productivity, I like LibreOffice, Mozilla Thunderbird with Enigmail, and Mozilla Firefox; and the like of Zarafa on OpenBSD as an open-source e-mail and collaboration software suite, among many others.

I firmly believe that all data should be encrypted when at rest and in motion on all devices. OpenBSD supports full-disk encryption since OpenBSD 5.3; for Linux OS, I like dm-crypt, GnuPG with KGpgVeraCrypt, and Windows BitLockerGPG4Win, and again VeraCrypt. Additionally, I favour open-source hardware and systems, like eRacks.

I often advocate too much about Zero Trust architecture (granular network segmentation), always encrypted data, and a Trust No One (TNO) security approach, all with good intention. I do it just because it is an ugly world out there. To remind everyone that security is not for the passive, you have to be proactive, always keep up with the hackers, criminals, terrorists, and overzealous governments.

More importantly, I believe that no one has a monopoly on innovation as it is a state of mind that knows no border. It is essential to continued education in the pursuit of knowledge, something we all owe to ourselves; hence I keep a close tab on edX courses, and over the last few years, have taken over a dozen short courses from just as many universities in a wide range of subjects for free or at a minimal cost. Also, you may have noticed that I use Wikipedia extensively to promote knowledge.

I have been an avid amateur radio operator (ham) since 1974, when I first got bitten by the bug while serving at CFS Alert, Nunavut, Canada (VE8RCS); over those years, I have been or currently am a member of RACARRLJARL, TIARA, and MARTS. My current call signs are VA2TWT, JH1GRT, and OK8CND. Additionally, I genuinely enjoy digital photography with my Nikon DSLR cameras (D70sD5000, and D5300). I enjoy my sizeable Audible audiobook library, mostly Sci-Fi.

Finally, please support these philanthropic foundations: the OpenBSD Foundation, the Wikipedia Foundation, the Free Software Foundation, the Open-Source Initiative, the Document Foundation, and the GNOME Foundation. Also, donate computer time to the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing, especially the  SETI@home project; thank you.

Areas of Expertise

Information Assurance/Security / Internal and External Auditing / Governance & Risk Assessment / Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery / Organizational

Areas of Expertise

Intelligence Collection Management / Information Assurance & Security / Internal and External Auditing / Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery / Organizational Resilience / Governance & Risk Assessment / ICT Operations Management / Business Intelligence / Technology Intelligence / Strategic Planning / IT Infrastructure / International Standards / Partnerships & Alliances Support / Sourcing & Procurement / Supply Chain Security / Sales Support / Team Building & Leadership / Field Strategy & Security