Re-training Canada’s veterans for a second career in IT

Coding For Veterans

Coding for Veterans aims to help Canadian veterans transition from military service into Canada’s ICT sector by providing them industry-specific and job-focused training and mentorship to help meet this demand.


Classes are taught through our accredited educational partners. This hands-on program will be designed to give the people leaving Canada’s military the ability to transition into jobs in Canada’s IT sector.

The program will revolve around two different training streams: basic and advanced. The intro level programming course will teach individuals the skills that are essential to any computer programming job. The advanced level courses (cyber, data analytics) will enable individuals with a higher level of expertise to further their technical skills and develop a specialization in certain areas.

Work placement and industry outreach will form part of the program’s core structure, so there will be jobs available for the program’s graduates.

  • With Coding for veterans, the best and the brightest former military members will have computer programming skills and the opportunity to enter Canada’s technology-based workforce.
  • The program will provide support and resources to the graduating students.
  • A business network developed around the program with companies ready to hire veterans: certified employer partners.
  • We work and partner with Veterans Affairs to promote this program, find talent and help veterans find high-quality jobs.
  • We will provide the perfect environment for veterans to connect with employers and former military members who have successfully transitioned.

Coding for Veterans consists of 3 phases.

The 1st phase consists of assessing potential candidates for the “Coding for Veterans” program.

The 2nd phase consists of the educational components: technical and work culture. Upon completing the program, each graduate will have the necessary knowledge to specialize in the IT industry’s specific sectors.

Ultimately, each will be well-equipped to partake in meaningful employment within Canada’s Cyberspace economy.

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