Handbook of Russian Information Warfare

The implications of facing a combined effort of cyberwarfare and hybrid warfare attacks with traditional subversion and active measures are critically important for all. This Handbook of Russian Information Warfare is an exciting introduction to current and projected Russian operations in the information and cyber domains.

It is publieshed by NATO Defense College’s Research Division,  “The Handbook of Russian Information Warfare” is an introductory guide to Russia’s doctrine and activities in this field, including elements of cyber warfare. For those unfamiliar with Russian principles of warfighting, but requiring an introduction to this essential element of how Russia projects state power, this is a good start.

This publication is based primarily on Russian sources. As such, it fills an important gap in the Western study of Russia’s approach to this aspect of inter-state confrontation, representing the principles and practice of information warfare in Russia’s own words. The handbook illustrates key concepts and approaches and explained by direct quotations from senior members of the Russian defence and security communities. The guide also functions as a source book for further detailed research as required; each section concludes with a list of recommended reading for deeper research on specific topics.

Please download a PDF copy of the Handbook of Russian Information Warfare here: https://t.co/AVzQWydsbq